Aims and Ethos

We aim to provide person-centred learning programmes designed to meet the needs, interests and aspirations of our students and which engage, challenge and inspire. We support each individual to develop the skills essential for a happy and fulfilled adult life.
Our aims are:
  • To provide an environment and atmosphere which ensures students are safe and happy
  • To promote the health, development and wellbeing of every student
  • To develop a positive attitude to learning and the opportunity to achieve personal success
  • To develop the confidence and self-esteem necessary to raise attainment and fulfil potential
  • To support each student in their integration into the wider community, in preparation for adulthood
  • To value and respect all cultures
Every student is entitled to:
  • A staff team who show respect, empathy and understanding
  • A highly experienced staff team who understand autism and the associated barriers to learning
  • Teaching and learning strategies which respond to individual needs and reflect levels of attainment
  • A broad, balanced and enriching curriculum which includes vocational experience and academic accreditation
  • A calm, safe and appropriately tailored environment, designed to reduce anxiety and scaffold the development of social skills