Celebration Day

21st July 2016

The annual Three Bridges ‘Celebration Day’ was held on Thursday 21st July. This was a really successful and enjoyable occasion which recognised the achievements of Three Bridges students, academically and socially. The event was attended by parents and other family members, as well as the senior management team and members of the Board of Trustees.

The ceremony began with an excellent performance of a new song by Dylan, accompanied on guitar by his teacher. Dylan wrote the lyrics himself and put a lot of time and effort into rehearsing it especially for the occasion. His preparation certainly paid off and everyone loved his song. He performed it twice during the celebration, and by the second time, many people were singing along with the chorus!

Each student then received a number of certificates which recognised their hard work and progress in literacy, numeracy and independence skills. They were also presented with their ASDAN certificates, which are nationally recognised awards. These very handsome certificates represent the culmination of a busy year of cross-curricular activities for our students, who each had to build a portfolio of work to obtain the awards.

This year, the students wanted to prepare some of their favourite snacks for the guests to enjoy – they were very delicious.

Everyone at Three Bridges wishes to thank all the guests for coming. The school leadership team would like to thank all the staff for all their hard work over the last year; and, most of all, to thank the students for making Three Bridges such an amazing school!