We deliver a broad and balanced rich curriculum to meet the individual needs and interests of our young people. Our curriculum is challenging and knowledge rich. It raises aspirations, outcomes and maximises learning opportunities, with scaffolding support. Our curriculum provides core subjects and ASDAN (Award Scheme Development & Accreditation Network), Functional Skills and Forest Schools. It provides academic, practical and independence elements. We teach the way the young person learns. We use a wide range of resources to teach and learning can take place indoors or outdoors and within the local community. The curriculum provides connections, a sense of belonging and the flexibility for person centred development and learning.

Our students acquire and practice life skills and reach their full potential and achieve more, including qualifications, and successful transitions, with an improved pathway to adulthood. Bespoke learning programmes are used to meet individual needs. Programmes are aspirational and carefully monitored and measured to ensure progression and to show what they have achieved.

Learning outside the classroom is a highly effective way to engage reluctant learners, allowing a range of educational and vocational activities through focus on practical, independence and environmental skills. A less formal approach also encourages shared learning and building of social skills.

Enterprise projects show increased understanding of the world of work. Learning in the community enables our students to explore wider aspects of life, with support to engage with other people, organisations and environments which enhance their social understanding and interaction as well as building knowledge of the area in which they live and the opportunities for fulfilment.

We assess against own curricular framework and successfully evidence and track progress against individual targets related to the students’ EHC Plans. This is in line with DfE requirements and guidance.