Outdoor Learning

25th November 2016

During the Summer term we were fortunate enough to have a group of brilliant young people from the Prince’s Trust who volunteered their time to help us re-imagine our garden area. 

The volunteers spent two weeks working very hard to make our ideas come to life. They started by clearing LOTS of weeds and generally cleaning up. Then their attention turned to brightening our outdoor learning space. We now have wonderful painted tyre beds, repainted and patched up flower and herb beds, sanded and brightly painted picnic benches, a reading chair made from a large painted cable drum and even a ‘Minion’ bin! 

Their attention to detail was inspired. They chose strong smelling herbs and plants and beautifully bright flowering plants to add sensory elements to our flower beds. 

We now have a large outdoor chalkboard, a canopy area in the trees, the beginnings of a pond, a permanent outdoor gazebo and a living willow tee-pee which is getting stronger by the day! 

All of these updates to our outdoor space have enabled us to spend more time outdoors than is usually possible in the late Autumn months. 

Many of our students are helping to keep our garden space beautiful by collecting leaves and composting them. 

We are really pleased with how our garden looks!